Tools for Digital Journalism

Welcome to the Nordic Journalist Centre and Regional Press Institute seminar on infographics and visualization. Also, welcome to this website (free of course) where you will find the programme, links for the tools we will work with, and links to training resources.

Visualizations, infographics, and multimedia as part of digital storytelling is really increasing these days. Graphic content add value to your story and sometimes even tell the story better than tons and tons of words.

We have chosen quite a bouquet of the most relevant and coolest tools for you when you’re creating content for online and mobile platforms.

One thing though: We constantly look for new tools and new ways so the programme can change. Please check this website for updates.

Important: You don’t have to be a visual or even graphics person to join this seminar. All the tools are template-based and easy to work with. Then again, having a minimum of visual understanding will not harm you..

BYO (Bring Your Own): Bring your own laptop for the seminar. All the tools are online. You’ll need to register for quite a few accounts, but they are all free.

For two days, we’ll go through some great tools for infographics and storytelling. I’ll look forward to seeing you all in Petrozavodsk in May.

Ole Rode Jensen